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Hello everybody, 

I have "a question a day(AQAD)" exercise for you on this blog. The first question for this week is very simple, and I hope you all know the answer. You can use a dictionary if you want to know Thai meanings in the questions. Please write your name-surname, program studying and your number before clicking the SUBMIT button. 

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3E for You

Please make sure that you understand 
all of the sentences!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekend Activities

Weekend or Leisure Activities


13. relax

Reference November12, 2014.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities 


1. brush my teeth

2. buy something

13. get out of class

19. listen to music

21. read the newspaper

23. send e-mail

24. sleep

25. start work

26. study English

27. take a shower

31. watch television

32. have dinner

33. do the laundry

35. take a walk

Reference November12, 2014.